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Employee Compliments

Our incredible carers love working at ENS, because of our commitment to mental health, and our compassion for our amazing staff. Here's what our staff have been saying about working at ENS.


"I would like to say thank you for the most amazing support you have given to the home therapies team and our patients at Southend hospital. It has been such a positive experience working with all of you at ENS. You have all been extremely professional and caring, and very helpful at all times. The support you have provided has enabled our patients the flexibility of dialysing in their own homes which means they can become independent with their care and it is more beneficial to their health too."
Elaine – Home Therapies Sister

"I have worked for ENS for 16 months and find them to be the best care agency I have worked for. If I am in need of support there is always someone on the end of the phone to listen and help. It's a pleasure to pop into the office to see all the girls and touch base."
Jackie – Support Worker

"I have recently had training with ENS and our trainer was absolutely brilliant. She made everyone feel relaxed and worked with all our different abilities and level of experience. I had the best day she was so lovely and I couldn't stop laughing the whole way through!"
Shannen – Support Worker

"My experience while working with ENS has been fantastic!!! What a brilliant company to work for. No 2 days are the same, there's so much variety! I love that while I'm supporting people to learn or try something new, I learn along the way also. I love my job and everything about it.
The best thing about working for ENS is they match you perfectly to the service user, always find you extra work when you need it and one of my favourite things about working for ENS is the cards of thanks you receive. Such a lovely gesture, I'm simply "doing my job" when the managers show such appreciation for you, it really is heart-warming!"
Michelle – Community Support Worker

"My favourite part of my job is meeting all the wonderful people who I support, their families and the amazing ENS team.
I had no flexibility at my previous role and I've never worked for an agency before but wow what a difference! The team are so professional and the communication is spot on. I love being in different places and having some variety in my work environment.
The Training I've received has been superb and I was so impressed with the training room at the back of the offices."
Thomas – Support Worker

"I'm a support worker in the community for learning difficulties and people with disabilities. I enjoy caring and helping others and love to see people smile.
[Working at ENS is great because] I Like that we have support when needed from the office."
Nadine – Support Worker

"The favourite part of the Job is no two days will ever be the same and everything you do can make a difference to the people you support and it is the most rewarding thing to do."
Richard – Support Worker

"My favourite part of my job is the variety between supporting individuals and watching them achieve new goals and tailoring care plans to ensure our service users receive care that is centred around them.
The best part about working for ENS is how supportive the company is as whole weather that's helping me be the best I can be in my job role or just being supportive."
Kirsty – Service Lead

"[The best thing about care is] putting a smile on a client's face, seeing them feeling safe, happy and with some gaining confidence and making progress. [I chose care because] I love being able to assist someone in a professional way who has a disability to have some fun and happiness and the best quality of life they can with their limited capacity. I find it a very rewarding and interesting career as there are all different situations and people to deal with. It also allows me to gain experiences and learn in everyday situations."
Sue – Community Support Worker

"[I love care because I love] not knowing what my day will consist of [The best thing about working for ENS is] The support not only in my work but knowing I am supported in my personal life as well."
Francine – Support Worker

"[My favourite part of the job is] making people belly laugh. [The best thing about working for ENS is] Gaining experience in all different fields & being able to support different people with flexible work hours that fit in with my family."
Lisa - Support Assistant

"[My favourite part of the job is] (two things) when I arrive to see my clients face light up & When I leave my client at the end of my shift knowing they are happy and well cared for. [The best thing about working for ENS is] ENS give continuing support to the clients & workers. [I like working in care because I love] Making a difference so people so they can live their lives to the fullest."
Linda – Support Worker

We can cater for both privately funded care and direct payments through social services funding. If you'd like to find out more about our care please contact the Care & Support team on 01702 361405 or email [email protected]

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"I love supporting people at home and in the community, making an impact on someone's life is incredibly rewarding. From older people living with dementia, to younger people with a learning disability, it's good to help people reach their full potential. One of my favourite parts of the job is when you get that breakthrough and the person you're caring for really starts to trust you."

Paula, Support Worker